Price of lending scooters Sulov.
Available are 4 pieces +1 for children is for free.
1 day 5,- EUR
2 days 7,- EUR
3 days 10,- EUR
4 days 13,- EUR
5 days and more 15,- EUR

All listed prices are including VAT. We are VAT payers.
Damages caused by fall, crash or theft are responsibility of customer.
In case lended equipment is faulty or happens to be unsuitable to use by common wear
or use it is necessary to immediately report it, so that compensation can be provided,
or return of money, according to the list of prices. In this case the costs of repair
are owner's responsibility.
Owner is not required to immediately solve repairs, or replacement for lending if its not available,
but can reduce the duration of lending according to the list of prices.
Customer is required to check the technical status of the equipment when receiving it and also
during the whole time of lend before every use - especially pressure in pneumatics, state and
effectivness of breaks, or the state of screws. If any faults are found they can fix them if
possible, or report them to the owner.
Owner doesn't hold any responsibility for damages to health or items the customer causes to
himself or third parties.
Equipment is lended only to the renters of Cottage. The lend is paid at the end of stay.
Contact to owner:: Ing. Richard Pánik, 0905 448 335,